Reminder: Tonight, teachers CHAT genes and DNA, 8-9pm

‘Jumping genes’, the ethics of CRISPR, DNA sequencing in class(!)… last week’s Subject Knowledge Zone CHAT covered some fascinating areas of genetics.

Join tonight’s discussion for teachers and geneticists between 8-9pm:


Francesca: What are people’s thoughts on the use of CRISPR to edit the twins in China?

Reka: Scientifically it’s super cool, ethically it’s super not cool. There have been few details about it, and the scientist who did it has been AWOL for some months…Read highlights from previous CHATs

Whether you’ve got ten minutes or the whole hour free, pop in for a chat with six researchers delving into DNA, including:

Also online tonight: Emma, Eddie, Reka and Francesa.

Log in to the CHAT using your existing I’m a Scientist account or a social media account. Invite your colleagues interested in genetics to join you:


ASK Section: Get answers to your questions any time

Q: How as science teachers can we make the complicated world of particle physics accessible to our students?

Can’t make this week’s CHAT? Use the ASK section at times that suit you to post questions to scientists.

Feel free to ask about whatever you like, whenever you like.


Free resources: yourgenome

yourgenome is a set of resources produced by the Public Engagement team at the Wellcome Genome Campus. The resources include:

Find more resources on the Genetics resource page.

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