Reminder: Today, ASK questions about genes & DNA, CHAT with scientists 8–9pm

Ready to refresh your understanding of DNA? Intrigued by jumping genes, CRISPR or the ethics of genetics research and data?

CHAT: Join tonight’s discussion

Log in for a chat with geneticists and other teachers between 8-9pm.


ASK: Get answers to your science questions anytime

Can’t make today’s CHAT? Use the ASK section to post questions to scientists. Great for refreshing areas of your science knowledge, especially if you’re teaching out of specialism.

Q: Does anyone know much about stem cell use in therapeutic cloning? One of my students was asking how a group of stem cells can be cultured to differentiate into one specific cell type over another. How do scientists control what the cells will become?


Featured scientists in tonight’s Genetics chat

Whether you’ve got ten minutes or the whole hour free, pop in for a chat with the scientists online, including:

Log in to the CHAT using your existing I’m a Scientist account or a social media account. Invite your colleagues interested in genetics to join you:


Free resources: yourgenome

yourgenome is a set of resources produced by the Public Engagement team at the Wellcome Genome Campus. The resources include:

Find more resources on the Genetics resource page

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