• Question: After you complete your PhD are there lots of opportunities for jobs in your field of particle physics?

    Asked by tulloche to Lucy on 15 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Lucy Budge

      Lucy Budge answered on 15 Nov 2019:

      There are several options – with going on to a postdoctoral role the most obvious. As far as I know pretty much everyone who applies for postdoc positions does get one, but this can be anywhere in the country/world. Postdoc positions tend to have a 2-3 year contract. The next step is then a lecturing position, that has no fixed term. However, many people will do several postdocs before becoming a lecturer. This is in part due to there being a shortage of lecturer roles compared to postdocs.

      Many people don’t follow that track however, and may go on to jobs in public engagement/outreach, other science research roles or move into various industries.

      Personally I have decided to move into industry once I finish my PhD (most likely software engineering or similar). The other scientists here who are further along in their career may be able to provide a better answer – since I haven’t looked into staying in research and they’ve progressed further!